Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Josh Sommers Photography: Ypnotic Droste Effect Creations

Josh Sommers from Petaluma, California, USA, has mastered the art of creating Escheresque

Sommers, has decided to scrap tradition and share the code with other artists all over the world

Sommers contacted the artist who had created the one

The 32 year old software engineer spent months of practice and hard work but could still not quite master the technique

one day another artist saw how close he was and gave him the final piece of the puzzle

Soon after his tutorial started attracting hits from all over the world a software developer contacted Josh and ported his formula into a Photoshop PixelBender plugin

Since his first droste effect creation Josh has made more than 160 images.

My personal favourite is probably The Eternal Scream - I have done several variations on it

the original has around 200,000 views to date and around 100 reproductions online in various collections, blogs and other sites

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